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The Rise of Personalized and On-Demand Learning and How AR Can Transform the Experience

If you have paid any attention to the education or professional training industries in the last few years, you have probably noticed the omnipresent phrases ‘personalized learning’ or ‘on-demand learning’.

  • If you happen to have a K-12 student in the family, you most likely have seen the different tools that schools have been implementing very recently that adjust assessment and curriculum based on students’ level of abilities.

  • If you work for big corporations, you must have been exposed to the various training and learning tools that were pushed to your inbox so you can learn at your own pace and time.

  • If you are a modern learning and spend time on continued education or skill acquisition, the booming online platforms like Udemy is providing you with anything you want to learn in a heat-beat.

It is not hard to understand why the market has grown so fast in the last few years for emerging learning options with specific targets, great flexibility, most convenience and abundant choices. It is all thanks to the explosion of online technologies and mobile devices.

The never-before low cost of sharing information online and the ubiquitous nature of mobile computing devices provide the perfect environment for personalized and on-demand learning. On top of that, people’s lives and schedules have become busier than ever, which provide the perfect incentives for personalized and on-demand learning.

By definition, Personalized Learning is instruction that offers training or learning experience tailored to meet the individual’s needs: learning preferences and the specific interests. In a personalized learning environment, the learning objectives, content, method and pace, all vary based on individual’s abilities and interests.

Also by definition, On-demand Learning is the training or learning strategy for how a learner gains access to knowledge based content in real time, anywhere and at any time. In real life, on-demand learning has been in popular for decades with the vast information explosion on the internet. We have become accustomed to having information available on-hand, whenever and however we want it.

As technologies advance every day, the tools for personalized and on-demand learning are becoming increasingly sophisticated and easier to use at the same time. For example, one can easily get access to top knowledge base and best training material, pass entire courses, and get certification from institutions, all on smartphones and on his/her own time.

So, how does Augment Reality fit in this?

The most important value that AR provides to personalized and on-demand training is providing direct visual information in 3D and in context.

  • Imagine this: training an operator on equipment standard operating procedures (SOPs) can be delivered to the operator’s mobile device where they can visualize the instruction, either in physical location of the equipment whenever they need it, or off site whenever they want to review by visualizing 3D information virtually. So the retention of knowledge and training SOP increase through much easier.

  • Or imagine this: teaching a student the components of a space shuttle can be delivered on tablet in 3D AR visualization, where the students interact and click on different components of the 3D model to learn their functionalities and principles behind. More important, depending on how well the student responds to the material and instruction, the pace and level of the teaching experience can vary to truly achieve real-time personalization.

With advanced AR and computer vision technologies, coupled with the right design of learning interface and workflow, Personalized and On-demand learning will achieve a new level that was not possible before.

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